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Who we are

Family-run farm holiday

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Who we are

We are one small company to familiar conduction, with the extra aid of some irreplaceable friend!

We cultivate 18 hectares to cereals and forage, 800 plants of olive tree, beautiful an garden-orchard and a small vineyard from which we obtain an optimal local wine. Animals from courtyard like peacocks, hens and rabbits complete our agricultural activities.

We do not want to be a hotel in campaign but to give to our hosts the possibility to make a vacation more authentic, in a place where from Tuscany traditions and peasants still survive, and campagnoli rhythms.

Come visit us and we’ll offer a special stay… Enjoy the taste of Tuscan specialties, fine breakfasts with freshly baked cakes and homemade jams… Above all we’ll make you feel right at home!

Ristorante Pretenzano Volterra